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Karakulam Service COOPERATIVE BANK

Our mission is to remain the strong, sound and leading organisation in the cooperative credit structure and to be the backbone for the rural financial sector of Kerala.Through the efficient management of the organisation, it would aspire to function as a professional, profitable and socially responsible organisation ensuring the best service to its stakeholders and customers by providing good value for their money and thereby ensure accelerated development of the rural population.


Accordion title
Fixed Deposits
#Term% of Interest
115 Days to 45 Days6%
246 Days to 90 Days6.50%
391 Days to179 Days7.25%
4180 Days to364 days7.50%
512 Months to 23 Months8.25%
62 year &above8%
70.5% interest additional for senior citizen
Other Deposits
  • #Deposit Type% of Interest
    1Savings Deposit Interest3.5%
    2Cash Certificateduration 120 months-(doubling scheme)
    3Recurring Deposit7.25 For 120 Months
    4Small Savings Deposit4%
    5Minors Savings Deposit6%
    6Vidya Nidhi4%
    7Minors Fixed DepositAs per slab
    8Current DepositFor Business Purpose, Unlimited Withdrawal
    9Locker Fixed Deposit
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Our Features


Send & receive money using RTGS/NEFT from any bank

Safe Deposit Locker

Karakulam SCB provides safe deposit lockers for our customers with high security & low rent

High Interest Rates for Deposit

We provide high-interest rates for your deposits 

Our Services

Deposit Schemes

Deposit Schemes
Earn a higher income on your surplus funds by investing in a deposit scheme of your choice. We have introduced various deposit schemes with excellent interest rates
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Business Loans

Business Loans
Aaswas vaypa is a kind of financing you can avail to meet the urgent needs of your growing business.
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Chitty Funds

Chiity Funds
It is a unique financial product, which blends the advantages of both investment and advance. It is a risk free safe haven for the public as Karakulamscb conducts only chitties fully governed by the provisions of Central Chit Fund Act 1982. The installment per month for chitties range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 and the usual duration of chitties are 30 months, 40 months, 50 months, 60 months and 100 months.
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Personal Loan

Personal Loan
A good capital base is the bedrock of every successful person. We offer amazing personal loans as a stepping stone to your successful future.
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Housing Loan

Housing Loan
Get ready to craft your dream home with Karakulam Service Co-operative Bank.Grab Your special Interest, Come and meet our loan Manager Today.
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Vehicle Loan

Vehicle Loan
Grab your favorite vehicle, its time to start your journey and ready to catch your dreams while travelling.
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Agricultural Loan

Agricultural Loan
Empower the agriculture sector - Empower the farmers: help them develop land lying fallow into irrigated farms.
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Gold Loan

Gold Loan
Take your old jewellery which are lying idle at home. Unlock the value of these precious metals by allowing you to avail a loan against them.
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Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit
We can help you to manage your liquidity & to optimize your working capital - we aim to deploy your capital as efficiently as possible.
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Kudumbasree Loans

Kudumbasree Loan
Kudumbasrees who have repaid their loans in the past will get the loan in a new way. Banks can get credit guarantee from the Central Government. The loan should be applied for through the nearest Kudumbasree.
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Karshika Gold Loan

Karshika Gold Loan
Gold loan for wide range of agricultural activities are available. Agriculture gold loans are given at attractively low interest rates.
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Kisan Credit Card

Kisan Credit Card
Kisan Credit Card Yojana is a scheme that offers short-term, revolving credit to farmers across India. It was launched in August 1998 with an aim to mitigate any financial shortcoming experienced by farmers during crop cultivation, harvesting, and maintenance of their produce.
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Sthree Samrdhi Loan

Sree Samrdhi Loan
With the objective to encourage women entrepreneurs and give impetus to their business journey, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, the Government of India has implemented a strategic policy – Mahila Samridhi Yojana. Under the visionary scheme, the government provides microfinance to women entrepreneurs hailing from marginalized sections of the society – backward classes.
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SWOL (Muttatha Mulla)

SWOL (Muttatha Mulla)
Muttathe Mulla Loan Scheme, The Scheme involves the disbursement of loans at low and affordable rates of interests to several rural households. This Project has been formulated to liberate women from the blade mafia and also micro-finance companies; where the latter’s interest rates may be anything between 24% and 30%.
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We invite you to visit and avail services from our reputed branches we believe, Cooperation among cooperatives. We are “working together, working for you,”.


Awesome Services

The bank has its presence of service on credit service for its members like, Personal Loan, Gold Loan, Vehicle Loan, Fixed Deposit, Savings Deposit, Recurring Deposit and Senior Citizen Deposit and also service on Non Credit segments for its members like, Neethi Medicals at the head office.


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0472 2887846

Branches                      Phone No:

Main Branch                 0472-2888078

Vattappara                   0472-2585167

Mukkola                         0471-2531978

Venkode                        0472-2585211

Vettikonam                   0471-2371117

Vazhayila(Mng & Eve) 0471-2373708

Eanikkara  (1st & 2nd) 0471-2370009

Maruthoor                      0472-2998493

Locations within Branch Territory
Vattapara west, Vattapara east,
Karayalathukonam, Plathara,
Vencode, Karakulam,
Chekkakonam, Ayanikkad,
Tharatta, Kachani,
Mudisasthamcode, Vazhayila,
6th stone, Nedumpara,
Eanikkara, Mukkola,
Kallayam, Plavuvila
Nedumon, Maruthoor,
Kazhunad, Chittazha,

What people say about us

We have more than 42000 clients and counting.

Amal Sarath
Home Loan

“The staffs at the society are always helpful and will go above and beyond to help in any situation. I may not always ask the right question, but they stop and think about what I am trying to do and give me the right solution”

Personal Loan
“One of the best assets I have as a small business owner is Keezhattingal Rural Co-operative Society. From the line tellers to the account executives, at Keezhattingal Rural Co-operative Societywe have been made to feel that our account was just as important as their bigger customers
Business Loan

“Karakulam Rural Co-operative Society makes banking easy, convenient and hassle-free with their customer service options and their hospitality. They are truly a community Society where you are not just a customer but made to feel a part of the family

Vehicle Loan
“We have been very happy with Karakulam Co-operative Bank experience from start to finish. We especially appreciate their “community spirit and promotion of small local businesses